Illustrator:  Annalise Huynh  / Brookfield Institute

Illustrator: Annalise Huynh / Brookfield Institute

Digital Literacy + Digital ACCESS

I started my career running digital literacy programming for seniors, job-seekers, and newcomers out of a community library with a long history of adult education. My work on emerging technologies, government digital service design, and inclusive innovation is grounded in understanding (and helping address) the barriers people face when they are just beginning to learn the basics, or trying to maintain their skills under variable access as hardware, software, interfaces, and online social norms change.

For the Brookfield Institute, I have worked on various research projects on digital literacy and skills, including a landscape map of opportunities for learning digital literacy in Canada that broke down the barriers facing learners as they navigate the system; and gaps in programming and supports, particularly for marginalized and underrepresented groups. It has been used as a resource by municipal and provincial governments, non-profit service providers, and educators to inform digital skill development policies and programs.

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