Illustrator: Aliya Ghare / Brookfield Institute

Illustrator: Aliya Ghare / Brookfield Institute

An Inclusive & Innovative Economy

Role: Workstream Lead

Innovation and advances in technology have tremendous potential to boost economic growth and improve quality of life across Canada. However, the benefits are not accruing equally. Larger technology companies are dominating markets. Jobs are consolidating in major urban centres. Wealth and opportunity are accruing unequally, with a growing number of workers finding themselves in precarious or relatively low-paying jobs. Discrimination and barriers to entry are contributing to a lack of diversity in entrepreneurship, tech jobs, and other high-growth areas of the economy. While digital skills have become increasingly necessary, access to technology, education and training is uneven.

This Brookfield Institute research workstream explores the unequal impacts, positive and negative, of an innovation-driven economy, and how to build greater prosperity for everyone.

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