Illustration:  Tom Mackintosh  / Brookfield Institute

Illustration: Tom Mackintosh / Brookfield Institute

The Policymaker’s Guide to the Galaxy

As a writer, I work in speculative genres, including science fiction, slipstream, and horror. As a researcher, I am interested in how science fiction can help us pose the questions we may not know we need to ask and create space to imagine both incremental and disruptive change; dystopias, utopias, and everything in between; and the medium and long-term impacts of maintaining the status quo.

Often, science fiction imagines technological or scientific advancement and what that advancement makes possible or instigates, for better or for worse. But it has also been applied to great effect to imagine alternative economies, labour markets, and employment models; community and family structures; social stratification and wealth distribution; and political and governance systems, freed from current (perceived or real) limitations such as affordability, scientific feasibility, political and electoral viability, and social norms; and widely-accepted stylized facts about our current systems, markets, and society. 

For the Brookfield Institute for Innovation + Entrepreneurship, I curate an interview series with science fiction writers on the future of work and the economy. I also teach worldbuilding and speculative writing workshops for policymakers as a tool for breaking out of entrenched policy debates.